Friday, January 29, 2010

A Picture can speak a 1000 words

So it seems i have been a bit dumb. I have been writing all this text now for a number of months. I am so pleased with myself and the output i have had that i never really thought too much about anything but what i was writing.

Well in an effort to get this Blog more noticed i decided to go looking for similar blog types to hang with. Hoping that they might become my followers as i am theirs. I did find a few good ones, though i do not know at this time quite how to link them in a way you folks can see them, bah!

As it happens though, i noticed that the better blogs were the ones that posted at least a few times a week. Then i also realised that the Best blogs were the ones with pictures. WHAT!! No Way i hear you all gasp! Yes, it is true, it appears that pictures can also be posted.

So now i realise i have been remiss and not posted a single picture in my blogs. And i have had a wealth of opportunity along the way. So now i plan to change all that. I will start simple and work my way into it, but i epxect to post at least One picture in my blog a week, if not more (more as i get faster at it).

So come back sometime soon and enjoy the wonderful art that i will put up in this blog. I wonder how much web space i have for such things...

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