Sunday, January 10, 2010

What am I doing ?

Sometimes i feel i must be Schizophrenic.

Ignore the above statement as a bold statement written by my other self!!


Well the reason for this incongruity has to do with my job, and erm... my job. Maybe that's my hobby. It's hard at times to decide. For my day job I work making games, or usually do. Lately I have been creating a world within a world for PS3 Home. In my home life i have been working on my own companies games for Sorcerygames. I am also hard at work on trying to get my childrens books published. A series f books i believe will help parents connect more with their children when reading together. Along with my home life of a Wife and two lovely children and a cat and rabbit. It seems i am being pulled in ,lots of directions.

It is amazing what takes your time and attention when you have responsibilities. Something we all learn as we get older. Usually for all of us the responsibilities get more the older we get. Not that this seems to make it easier to handle them. I truly believe my capacity has gone down, but now i wonder if maybe it hasn't gone down as much as i fear. It has in fact gone down a little, but with so much more to hassle me, it just seems like i cannot do as much!

Anyway, i have at least two and sometimes three minds in this Blog. I am sure if you have read any of it, you will see that. It appears i could be living or working 3 separate lives.

I will leave you with this thought...

It is only one life, so we should do what we can with it, it is all very exciting after all, and it is much better to have lived and tried, than lived and not tried at all.

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