Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clicking SFX in Marmalade

So many times this kind of thing catches me out. I am so annoyed some times when I realise I have not really read the documentation properly. This is one of those cases. It seems as if the older I get the worse I am getting at this type of thing, so making more work for myself for what I feel is no good reason. Gah!

So my Sound Effectsm in my game were clicking, at the beginning of the sound and also on some of them at the end. Two clicks per sound. Now I realised really fast this must be an encoding error... Only I am using a nice sound editor and one that produces good sound on when played on the PC. I am using NCH softs Wavepad, check it out here.

This problem had me baffled as I already have a bunch of Sounds in my game that do not appear to click. Now I know I was just plain lucky before haha.

What was the problem ? Well it was in fact that the Marmalade SDK simple sound api takes RAW sample data. And I had saved out the sounds as .Wav files, which contain a 40 byte header... Gah, what a pain.

So the answer ?

Save each sound effect out as a Raw 16bit 11K Mono sound. Simple and easy in this package. In fact it will also batch this for you if you have a bunch to change.

Now my sounds are great.. only they do not yet work on my iPod. Though that I believe is something to do with packaging and directory structure issues I have inside my Marmalade app.

I'll let ya know once i have solved it,

Good luck,
Da Voodoochief

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