Monday, April 30, 2012

5GC menus laid out

I designed the menu layout and flow for Five Golden Coins a little while ago. In fact I think I even blogged about the need to do this design work, and not just wing it.

Well over this weekdn I created all the classes and then made sure I created all the buttons that would take you from one menu page to another, and also made sure the back buttons all worked etc. Not the most interesting job, but also not the most difficult.

I really think I have a nice consistant menu system now and I hope that the flow feels natural and predictable. Now more work begins as I get to fill each of these menu screens with the required content. Some fo this is layout work (credits) and some is more creative writing (abc books promotional page). So now I get to finish these pages, which will be a nice feeling. To be honest it is pretty cool clicking buttons fast and randomly like to derranged monkey to test the flow works with no bugs (and there were some!).

I also realised I wanted to do a quit confirmation dialogue, which did not take long and looks great.

So my list is pretty short for which menu pages I have left..
 Title page (main)
 ABC Books promotional page

To Do:
 Upsell (other products in this series I will do)
 Instructions (of course!)

So as you see, not too much to go. The promotional page was probably the hardest for me, but I stole my own work from the web page that I have done for the books.

This weeks task is to finish these menu pages and debug the game. Then it will be onto recording all the audio I need, Yikes!

Da Voodoochief

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