Thursday, April 5, 2012

Upload My App to iTunes Issue

After getting my game setup in I thought the upload process would be fairly easy. Though of course I already knew I needed a Mac for That! (as opposed to an App for That. Luckily one of my friends was brow beaten into helping me yesterday lunch time (thanks Paul). After a few false starts where his Mac only wanted to use some old install of the uploader. Oh, and also the fact we had trouble findig the new uploader to get off the web, gah! 

Anyway we finally got it to run with MY credentials and not his (he also has a membership and has several items on the iTunes store.). Once runnig we slected the file we wanted and all seemd to go well, till we get a report saying we had failed. AWWW! NOOOO MON!

Here is a picture of the report:
As you can they are indeed real and intriguing looking errors. As I had no history or experience I have no idea how bad these errors are.

So the first error seemed really simply to me, and I knew where in the deploy tools supplied by that would be. So it was simply me being overly copy and pastey (is that gonna be a saying now, haha!). The other error I spent some time going over, but everything looks good. So  I decided to be very sensible. Only fix one error and see what that generated when uploaded.

So I sent off my newly created Zip file to my firend via email and this morning when I got up I had received an email saying he had had some trouble. That was it... Then I noticed the next email in my inbox. It was from iTunes istself thanking me for the upload and now the game was in 'waiting for review' stage.

Check this image, it is what every Apple dev wants to see when they have finished their App.
Ok, ok. I know what ya thinkinjg, this isn't what ya wanna see. This is just a stage along the path to world wide release. You would be right, but every journey has several steps before the destination is reached. This is a huge step for me. After all I built this package file on my PC and not in X-Code on the Mac as so many before me have.

I am very VERY excited to see this move onto the next stage. And as i have recently witnessed with one of my Peers (@TimTheCoder on titter) going through this review stage for his RC-AirSim game. It went smoothly for him, if not a little slow.

I shall endeavour to be patient and just wait to see what happens, even thoug i am Sooo excited!

Laters all,
Da Voodoochief

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