Monday, April 9, 2012

Program or Sleep?

I know so many Indie deveoplers face this choice nearly every day. The desire to get stuff done and the time it takes sparring with the time you need to sleep and recharge the batteries.

Lately I have been working late as I seem to be getting really productive just at the tme I need to go to sleep. The rest of the house is quiet and all I can hear is myself think. A great time to just pound out some code, or tweak gamplay or design. The thing is, all this sleep deprevation will eventually catch up with us, and has to be dealt with. I am also concerned about the fact that before we crash, usually we have a period of thick headedness, and that is just not productive time. So instead of getting into this situation, maybe we should go to bed, and then when we wake do some work. If we don't wake up early enough to put some time into our own projects before going to our day jobs, then so be it. Wouldn't our body at least have a chance to regulate better then?

Myself i have chosen a slightly different path. I have learned to nap in my trucks back seat and sometimes I will make up 30-40 minutes of sleep after I have eaten my lunch. It all neatly fits into an hour and yet I made up some sleep i so sorely needed.

It is hard to not produce or code though when I am in the mood. So i am not sure I am a good person to give out any advice on this subject haha

Da Voodoochief

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