Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working on Menu pages

I was watching the Voice tonight with my wife and also watched American Idol. These are great background programs for me and I find I can sketch and design stuff rather fluidly while they are on. Maybe it is because they are both Music. Some people like to exercise to music (not my talent haha) and some people find it irritating to try and program while music is playing loud etc (I can do this one!).

So tonight I was designing the layouts for my Menus for Five Golden Coins. In the past I have winged it when it comes to menus. Like the credits and instructions etc. More recently I have decided to take advantage of these screens to engage the player more, or maybe entice them to look at my other products. I will have to scan in the sketches I have drawn tonight (i cannot here at home) and explain some of my design decisions.

Menu's are a really important feature of any game, and usually they are the first thing a player really pays attention to, or has to connect through to the rest of the game (ie: interact with). So getting this kind of thing right, or MORE right is a very important thing to remember.

Good Night,
Da Voodoochief

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