Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working on What I want to?

This is a real problem for me it seems. I also believe this is a major problem for any hobbyist working on games and stuff.

It is hard enough to just find time to program in any given day, between all the responisbilities of being an adult, father, home owner and having a day job. then when you find time you have to decide just what you are going to work on. For example.. do I work on the new gameplay prototype? or should I be working on finishing up the new revision of one of my already published games? It gets worse when you realise that another item vying for time is tech research. Implementation of some tech or other, such as in game purchasing or maybe facebook integration.


I am in this situation to some degree right now. I have so many fingers in so many pies that I am struggling badly trying to service all my desires (did that sound naughty? It was not mean't too!). Here I am wanting so badly to work on bob the frog, yet I have to work on the Five Golden Coins app. Now that is not a bad thing to work on, but it does not conatin any gameplay per se. No jumping/gravity values or speed balancing with enemies etc, o AI to write for anything at all, and no powerups to code to enhance the playing experience..... And i love to write that stuff....

So it is my current priority to finish up coding the 5GC game and then maybe I can move back to games programming properly, not interactive books. Only, i know that is not likely to be the case, as once the 5GC App is completed I will have to do marketing and such.. No time to write didlly while wokring on marketing.

So i feel very very frustrated right now about this. I also have to move forward on the kickstarter to obatin some funds to get the other books in my series the artwork they deserve.

There is no easy way.. yet... I feel If i could find the right partner, someone motivated enough and skillful enough to really mesh with me, it could all be done. Maybe I should be spending some time looking for a partner?

Here's hoping your decisions are easy on what to work on :)

Da Voodoochief

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