Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Away in Canada

So I am now IN Canada suffering major JetLag (4 hours lost). This means I will most likely not be able to update this Blog, though I have a couple of Posts cached already for publication while i am away for some training (like this one). I am going to a place called Moncton in New Brunswick. Gonna be cold laddies! brrrr, Later tonight i'll be getting all me cold weather clothing out and packed. Cos it ain't no SoCal haha.

I also want to mention a HUGE milestone for me and Hot Chicks the Card Game (not WP7 version). The leaderboard I have implemented has just reached 500 entries today, that is about 2 days after it went live on the Android device. So I am very happy indeed with this. When the iOS version goes out it will already have Scoreloop leaderboards built in, so I am hoping for several more thousand entries after a couple of weeks. Woohoo! gotta love it. I see approximately 33 new and changing entries per 24 hour period, so that is also exciting to see.

Have a great day,
Da Voodoochief

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