Friday, April 20, 2012

In Review excitment

It amazes.. No wait,  'I' amaze me.

It seems that it doesn't matter how many times ya get a product 'finished' into 'Review' or 'Published'. All of these milestones get me ridiculously excited. One would think that after 65+ published products I would be immune to such base excitement. However that is simply not true.

I just received an email from iTunes to say that my resubmission for Hot chicks the Card Game is now in Review. This resubmission only had an age rating change and I am hopeful that is all that is needed to get through this time. But man... I got the email and my heart leapt up high. One quick adrenaline buzz later and I am writing this.

This is a feeling that all devs go through and not justt he ones I listed up above. We also get goosebumps when people play our game, review the game, blog or post about our games. It is one of those things that we live for and noone can truly understand it unless you do it yourself. Well i say noone, I think that people that go on stage and perform get the same exact buzz (but more direct and more intense!). For most of us we are not going to be performing any time soon, so we will enjoy our buzz (i know i am).

I am so excited to know if it will pass, then if it does... it ... will.... be.... LIVE hahaha

Wish me luck,
Da Voodoochief

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