Thursday, April 26, 2012

Naming People in Leaderboards

I realised that I never talked much in my last post about the 4% of people that have actually named themselves in the leaderbaord table. So figured it was worth a post on it's own.

The 4% might be a surprisingly small percentage. When changing your player ID to something recognizable is not just Free, but also very Easy using the systems that Scoreloop and on screen keyboards allow us. So why is the number so low?

Well once I got to thinking about it I realized there could be several legitimate reasons.
1. They have never been to the High Score screen.
2. In not going to the High score screen they do not know they are labelled as player_875687568 etc
3. They just don't care
4. They do not know how to change their name

As you see I have several reasons, and I think the 466 people that never finished the first level of the game are never going to be bothered to add their name to their low score. So that initialy removes 56% of the users in the leaderboard off the bat. Yet I do not add these people into the reasons above, though they could be said to be in the number 3 category i suppose.

Number 1,
Ya have to be on the main screen of the game to then choose to see the High Scores. I think a lot of people will just play the game and never click around. My experience on WP7 told me that most people Never went to the credits screen for example, and I am sure it is the same on Android. So maybe 90% of people will never choose the High score option.

Number 2,
When on this screen the Measely 10% of the 50% of players Might not see how to change their name. Even is clearly spelled out what their name is on this screen, but i can see they do not realise that they can change their name.  The currently released version allows a player to click the small blue icon next to their name to change it. In a future update coming soon, I have made the clickable area MUCH bigger, and a player can simply click their name to change it.

Number 3,
Well some people will see thay are in 400th position and that their name is Player_897568976 and simply not care too much. Most people will tend to change their name when they get higher up a scoreboard. I do not think there is anything much I can do about these people, except point out how easy it is to change their name. I think some people will change it, just to see their name on the game screen (i can hope).

Number 4,
Well as mentioned in several of the previous blocks of text. It is not readily apparent in the current version just how to change the name. The new version realy points out how, it even has text saying '(Change Name)'. I am expecting this to work.

So 10% of 50% is not many people so is 4% of the total so bad? Can I really hope to get more names in the list? It seems I can get more but by my own calculations I really only have about 5% of players that might put in their names. And that works out at about 42 people. Currently 35 are named. So maybe 7 more?

lol, After all that discussion above, I can now see that maybe I'll get 7 more people to change to their real names, or handles.

Wish me luck,
Da Voodoochief

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