Monday, May 7, 2012

Kindle Fire Action Bar

I have my Five Golden Coins app going realy well. In fact it is very close to being finished and ready for submission, only the audio is left to do.. And you may realise that in fact that is a big job, as the audio in question is the reading of the book. So not a short job, but a straight forward one, or I hope it to be. So far I spent about 30 minutes recording and re-recording me reading only the first 10 pages of the book. To say that is about a minutes worth of audio would be correct. So at this rate I will be done some time next week, haha! Well of course I hope to improve and get faster at this task. Though reading in the middle of the night while everyone is trying to sleep feels a bit odd, foolish maybe, certainly weird. Maybe next time I'll get the family to leave the house and record what I need while they are out and about. Then I can be as loud as i want, which will help the micophone no end.

Hmm, yes.. onto my post about the title of this post (confused yet?). The kindle fire has a little side bar on screen while you play a game on it.It usually resides on the bottom of the screen, and switches depending on the orientation of the tablet. Well my game is a portrait mode game and so I would like this bar to be along the bottom of the screen, where it will not interfere with my gameplay. Only... It isn't. It is in fact still on the long side, so when playing my game, the bar sits along the left side of the screen, annoying me! Ispent more than a few hours last night trying to figure out how to move this bar, to no avail. I read about Android Themes and all sorts of forum posts about any sort of bar, be it Action bar, Quit bar, Title bar, Status bar, all without a resolution to my problem. In the end I have started a forum topic with Marmamalade Forums and hope someone knows the answer to this issue. I am hopefull it is a really easy dumb problem to fix.

Have a great day,
Da Voodoochief

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