Thursday, May 24, 2012

Better Tools are Great

Well I have known this for years, but better tools just allows even amateurs such as myself to create better data. Improving my production quality no end and for a small price when in fact I have borrowed the equipment I am using.

One of the Nice things about working for a Games company is all the hardware they have to carry to make good products. Some of these pieces of kit can be rather expensive. Such as a Microphone and Audio mixer for example.

This is what I have borrowed form work as My own recordings sounded a bit muffled on my personal microphone I spent a buncha money on years back. Well the borrowed system not only makes a huge difference in basic quality (like 5-1 i reckon). It gets rid of the muffled sound completely and also allows me to record the audio at a better starting volume. Another good thing is the reaction of the microphone to being blown on when pronouncingf my P's etc.

I am not quite sure how to link in the audio for comparison at the moment. I will ask and hopefully get an answer at some point. I would love you all to hear the difference using a professional grade microphone has on the reading audio for Five Golden Coins.

Have fun out there,
Da Voodoochief

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