Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midway 3 getting closer

I am sure everyone wants a release date. However I cannot do that as we are still in the process of bug and feature fixing. As you can probably tell this has been a fairly substantial job recently and has taken many man hours to get done. Though I can confirm we are getting closer, our bugs from Sony have dwindled now to only a few so far this week, and that is an exciting development.

The main reason for the testing and bug fixing to take so long is simply that Midway3 is Huge! Not only is IT huge, but also we needed to modify all the games from Midway 1 and Midway 2, as there was a lot of deprecated functionality in the new SDKs from Sony. The other Midway fixes were required as we found some disturbing information that several aspects of those scenes were broken, some in certain regions, some just plain not working correctly. For example we have fixed the 'Meet Darla' photo opportunity minigame in Midway 1 (yes that is already live now). A problem we here at Mass Media Games were not familiar with.

We have also fixed so many other smaller aspects, like the lighting in Trigger happy, again in Midway 1. That was due to a basic Home lighting default change, which was easy for us to fix and now looks much better. Many many more fixes have gone in as well and I will reveal more as soon as I am able to confirm them.

I am getting more excited now about the release of Midway 3 and I think you Playstation Home users will find this to be possibly the most exciting release in Years.

Have a good time, and cya in Home.

Da Voodoochief

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