Thursday, May 24, 2012

Midway3 Golden Penny

As I cannot get on the Sony Forums today (something wrong with me signing in). I figured I would post something here.

Firstly lest talk about this special difficult prize the golden Penny. This should be won by completing Penny Pincher with 5 perfect throws of 250 (that means hitting the red hexagon).

at present the prize cannot be won as we made level 10 only require 1000 points to win level 10. which means if you are throwing perfectly then you will WIN the game before you get to throw your last penny. We appologize for that error. We had tested the winning of the Golden Penny when the top level was harder to achieve. Then we made the scores per level lower (easier) and Whammo we cannot win the Golden Penny.

We have put in a fix for this and that fix is simply to make level 10 require 1025 points, which we feel should not really make it any harder for the most part for people to win level 10. This fix will not of course effect anyone who already has completed this game, but it will allow those people to go for the godlen Penny prize.

I am not certain of it's release date on Home at the moment, but once I do I shall post it, though It may only be a couple of days before release. At least you will all know it is time to go for the prize once again.

Thanks for all the information that everyone tweeted and Pm'd me about this. I am very glad we got the information to allow us a quick fix.

And those of you that are US residents, Don't forget to make sure you sign up for that Amazing contest before you go play the games. And don't forget to check out this weeks prize in the Hot Zone as well.

Good Luck

Da Voodoochief

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