Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Hot Zone in Playstation Home

Ever heard of the Hot Zone ?

Well lucky the Boss told me I could share these pictures then eh :)

Well now you have. It is a nice location that sits perfectly between all 3 of the Midways. As you can see from this next picture.

And finally here is a picture of the main Hot Zone area.

As you can see it has access to all three Midways and also a nice teleport A potty to Darla's Den.

This Area will be released with Midway3.

Thanks for checking out these pictures, and see ya in Home.

Da Voodoochief


  1. looking forward to the release of midway3. thank you for sharing, it looks pretty awesome!

  2. We are in final testing stages of Midway3 right now. Gotta get out all the bugs we can find. Thanks to Sony testing, we have cured lots :O

    Not sure when the release date will be atm.

    So Glad you are excited, I am too, but also nervous myself.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. awe dont be nervous, everyone can see you did a amazing job so far :)