Wednesday, May 30, 2012

App Submission Extras

It is getting close to the Time for my 'Five Golden Coins' App submission.

I will be submitting the Game/App/Book to 3 places.
  1. Apple for iOS devices
  2. GooglePlay for the Main Android hosting
  3. Amazon for Kindle - Android hosting
Each one of these has slightly varying requirements, and I have submitted before to all three. Now what I did not do was make a nice succinct list of these requirements. So I am going to do that later today. I will do a follow up post, as none of my Twitter buddies appear to have this list either. Now of course having a list does not mean that the requirements will always stay the same. In fact they may change monthly for I know (though I suspect not).

Still having a nice list with what Icon Image sizes I need for each submission can only make the process go that much smoother. Last time I did this I created the correct sizing on the fly and worked my way through all the submission requirments a sI went. A bit cumbersome and slow. Also I am sure I did not make the best of the submission process becasue of that (it felt stressful).

So this Time i am going in prepared, or as Much as I can be expected to at this time. Tonight I start taking screen shots and makign Icons etc (yeah, i am no good at it really, so it will take me some time).

As well as the Icons and screenshots there is also the marketing blurb to create, though in this case In have enough of that (more than usual).

 I'll post again,
Da Voodoochief

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