Friday, June 1, 2012

Marketing My New Game

I am a man who believes in marketing his product. Simply put.. If it was worth creating and spending al that time working on, then It is worth putting in some effort to market the thing.

In the past I have tried quite a number of different methods to market my Xbox games, and mostly I would call the effort unfulfilling. Then when i went to the Windows Phone I couldn't find a good way to really market the products so I did very little. Then I got to the Android and iOS devices, well I feel a bit abashed at marketing for the game I created on these platforms, so have left them their to catch on or not through simple searching of those stores and the games keywords.

So as you can Tell I have done very little real marketing myself since a year ago when my last Xblig title came out. I have continued to research this area though and feel pretty knowledgable on the subject. Though in all fairness it is REALLY HARD to market to Xblig Gamers, xbox owners.

So two days agio I went and met with a Marketing professional to discuss Five Golden Coins. Her name is Laurie and here is a link to her Web Site As you can see she offers a lot of advice and a lovely suite of services for those people in need.

Why did I go seek a professional I hear you mumble if you know so much about marketing your products already. Well there are essentially two reasons in my mind.
1. We all need help with such things. And knowing what I already know, I realise I need help, most notabley with Facebook (Which I hate!)
2. My new App/Game is really a book, but one that is NOT targetted as my other games were at Gamers. In fact this particular creation targets a whole different demographic.. that of the Parent. This means I need help, becasue I do not know how to find all these parents, and it would take me a fair while to do that. If I am busy spending all my time marketing I am not creating new products, and that is the part I am best at.

My Meeting with Laurie was very nice. I have to say that the hour went VERY quickly for me and I think we discussed my project very openly. she made several intelligent remarks and agreed with me on several points, whilst also pointing out several new or modified aspects to what I would or could/should do with my marketing time. she was not pushy in any way and has in fact led me down a path that could possibly lead me away from requiring her service. This kind of help from a professional I love. No BS, just really trying to help me out. I personally hope my path crosses agin and I do believ she could make me more successful.

So next time you are wondering what you are gonna do to promote or market your Invention, book, game or whatever. I suggest looking up a professional, most likely one close to you, though with the internet anyone is now 'close'.I am sure they will help with insights and more.

Good luck out there,
Da Voodoochief

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