Sunday, June 3, 2012


Be Seen 'As Much As You Can'. That is a motto that all developers should adhere to, big companies do it through money, however smaller devs like myself have to rely on something else.. I like to call it Persistence :)

I am persistent in the way I update my web site as often as I think it appropriate. Though sometimes I have nothing new. If it has been a couple of months, then I will simply alter it instead. Try and say my message in a different way. Mostly I hope for more information to present to the public eye. This is usually a devs Main interface to the public, though of course Facebook could also be that public face of your company. Still the message is the same. Update it or people will never bother coming back to check on it, if it never updates.

This weekend is dubbed 'Website weekend' for me. It means i will try hard to update my various websites and get them up to date and all the dust cleaned off them. I have updated my main site is a way I am very happy with , it also now promotes my current title the 'Five golden Coins' book/game/adventure. Then I also linked to the main site for my children's adventure books at .

On the Adventure books for children site I have added in the fact that I have an electronic version, and of course added a few screenshots., as well as mentioning it will be available on Android and iOS devices soon.

Usually i have to be honest, I do not like doing the web sites. It takes me a while to get what I like and yet, it never quite seems to live up to my minds eye vision I had at the start of the day. Now I do not know if maybe I am getting better at this, but this weekend went very smoothly. So smoothly I think I enjoyed it :O

So if it has been a while since you updated your interface for your company to the world. Then how about dusting it off a bit like me.

Have a good day,
Da Voodoochief

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