Friday, June 22, 2012

Amazon submission continues

After getting notification that 5 golden Coins had failed submision with Amazon for the external link not working. Well I messaged them back and told them the situation. Today I got an email (maybe 36 hours later) that all is good and they will carry on with the submission process. This is great as I expect most parents to buy this Book/App for their iPads and Kindle fire Pads. It does look do much better and appears more like a real book on these machines.

A guy who happens to have followed me on twitter cos for my day job I sometimes do Playstation Home stuff. I am very thankful right now as we are in the process of final contract negotiations for artwork for my next Book/App 'A Day at the Zoo'. His artwork looks great, and I will reveal more when the contract is signed etc.. (VERY EXCITED!!!)

I spent a buncha money a couple of nights ago to buy some audio equipment, like Mikes and mixer and stands etc. I have spent a bit of money, but the gear I am gonna receive is gonna be great, not only for my Book/App audio (and videos). But it will be amazing for Karaoke as well. So I am also very excited to think in several weeks time I might be having a Karaoke party at my house, haha! Yeah baby, living the dream. Only reason why it's several weeks is becasue the mixer is on back order, bah!

Well that's a quick catchup for now.. More laters...

Da Voodoochief

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