Friday, June 15, 2012

To Name an App Rules (marketing)

Or not to Name an App, that is the question.

Ok, it might not really be the question, but it IS a big question when it comes to making apps for devices. Ya want something that is
  • memorable
  • stands out from the crowd
  • easy to spell
  • quick to see in a list
  • unique or derivative? (this depends on what ya after ;)
  • Short (why short?)
  • describes ya product (if possible)
Some of those above are simply ridiculous to try and get right, right? Well maybe, but ya have to try as best you can. I can also tell you that there are people out there that can really help. People who know the buzz and have their finger on the pulse. Marketing people... good ones that is can come up with this kind of thing much better than most of us.

But there is only me....

So out of order I will describe what happened with those points, as I use them to describe the many hour ed process with my latest App, 5 golden Coins.

The name of Five Golden Coins was created to describe the most important feature of my Book, and now the App. so that part is good (check i did 'describes ya product'). Or is it? Just because the name I came up with names the most important element inside my book app, it does not actually tell anyone what it is. It does not say fro example '5 Golden Coins Book App'. Now that would have been a much more full description, and in fact still erroneous to my mind. Lets try again... '5 golden Coins Navigable Adventure Book App' ... now that's got it. Only now it is HUGE! and that breaks one of my other criteria, shortness.

I want shortness because if you look at your Android or iPhone desktop you will notice that App names get shortened if they are longer than a gnats proboscis. So keeping the name intelligible on these devices desktops is of paramount importance. Imagine if my game was named 'Navigable Adventure of the 5 Golden Coins', all anyone would see is 'Navigable' and that would seem like a navigation app.. gah! So shorter is better for Devices.

I also recently changed the 'Five' to '5' for the name. This was for two reasons. To keep the name shorter, but also to allow the game to be more quickly picked out from a list. I was reading an article on the web about how people see shapes faster than anything else, and number shapes much faster than word or letter shapes. So 5 it is.

Now is my title memorable? or does it stand out from the crowd? Well I am certain it is unique, which is nice, but stands out etc is harder to figure out. I ma hoping the number will help on this too, and Golden is such a good shiny word, I am hoping it will bring sunshine to this name. then there is Coins, which is good because money is always in peoples minds, and so is one of those magic words people can pick out fast.

So this is it, all my ducks in a row. A darned good reason for all the aspects of the name in place. Now I just have to hope I am correct with my assumptions.

So good luck if you are also working on creating a good name for your App.

Da Voodoochief

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