Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Followers Count so low

I like writing this Blog about my creations and sometimes my meanderings into different aspects of my life. Yet I try hard to keep it on track and I blog often.  I currently get approximately 80-100 visits a day, although that would be in the week, weekends are a lot more lax.

I write in a way that I believe is interesting and sort of storyish, giving what I hope is a unique perspective into games creation and all that entails. Which is of course a complicated and many headed beastie.

The real questions is How Do I Get More Followers and Visitors to my Blog?

I tried in February and upped my readership from 20ish a day to the current 80ish. Now I did this by getting myself listed on Blog directory sites. And I also Ping my Blog posts every now and again. I used to ping them all, but I am not sure it has any real effect. As far as I can tell most of my visitors are in fact bots, crawling through whatever I post for 'I don't know what'. This is disappointing as I believed if people checked out my blog, they would come back occasionally.

Instead it seems that I have very little retention. Or maybe I just cannot reach new people with what I am currently doing. I got the big rush back in Fenruary when I joined the Directories and started Pinging my posts. Only that should have allowed me to continually grow my audience if in fact it really worked. Even if the audience grew slowly.

As it happens a lot of my new audience came from the fact i work on Playstation Home stuff. Which is interesting, as there are a lot more people who play Device and Phone games than play in Sony Playstation Home. So surely I should get more followers for that development, but so far that does not appear to be true.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not griping at all, I would write this Blog even if the only people reading it were my Mum and family back in England. Still I feel it is a missed opportunity if I do not grow it. I do hear about blogs that get posted to once a month that have more followers than me.

Maybe I can get more Blog followers from expanding my Twitter follower list (which is at about 900 at the moment).

Time will tell, but if YOU have any ideas of how I can get more followers, then please let me know :)

Thanks for reading,
Da Voodoochief


  1. How do you monitor your followers? If you're looking at page views, you will almost certainly miss anyone using a feed reader, like I do. You would only see these views if they actually visit your site.

    There are several tricks to counting these readers. Some people put an image into their posts. Most feed aggregators don't cache images (that I know of), so these will still be seen as hits on your site. Sometimes blogs will only put summaries in their RSS so that anyone who wants to read the whole article has to click through to read it.

    I don't know if these help, but you have a fairly technical audience, so I think it's likely more of your readers use feed aggregators than average for other blogs.

  2. Yeah, ya got me.
    I need more pictures. Oddly enough, i love doing the Blog posts where I use pictures to show stuff.

    So coming soon, something I have been talking about, but the new artist I am using (Nathan), is awesome, and I will have to show the world his concept sketches :D

    As for lokoing at my foloowers numbers, you are correct I think. I do RSS feed my pages, but still. I was simply hoping my number would grow over time, yet it does not. I'll keep plugging away though, as i enjoy it way to much.

    One day I will look back on this blog as a history of my Indie time. Most awesome!

    Thanks for the great comments folks,

    Da Voodoochief