Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Golden Coins on Google play

5 Golden Coins on Google play.

I took this weekend to make sure all my submission extras were created and written up. I know I still have to put my list out into the Blog, but at the moment it is too untidy. I will conitinue to work on that. Then later I can use the Blog post to make sure my submission extra items are done properly.

It took most of my weekend working through creating extra icons of various sizes (so many!). there were several redesigns along the way for the extra small icons (36x36, 48x48), but I like the iconic look of these now much better than when they had words in them.

I ended up quite enjoying creating the marketing blurb and game descriptions, even the features were fun to do. Not something I typically enjoy doing. However this time I used a whole lot of my research to help me out. I did this by using comps, or comparison titles. There are a lot of childrens interactive books available for Android and iOS devices, so I searched out approxiamtely 10 or so of them, but a couple of diferent companies, such as Disney. Then i grabbed all their marketing and description text for the 10 games. Then I deleted stuff I dislied or did not match my game. Then I ended up with what I would call a suggestion or hint list. This also had the side effect of my accumulating some more common descriptions for this type of App. Such as 'App Book' or 'Word for Word narration'. That was especially useful for me, as I was not familiar with those terms. Then I wrote my own blurb from the notes I had accumulated from these other titles. This worked out so well and I did not copy a single line in the end, just used it all as inspiration. After all they have some clever creative writers at these big companies.

Once I had all this informations and the artwork accumulated, it was time to setup the game on the 3 main stores Google play, Amazon App Store and Apples App Store.

I had some issues with Apple, as i usually seem to. This time I needed to read some legal blurb they had and mark it done. However the web site did not function corectly with my Windows Explorer browser. In the end I got rather frustrated and eventually downloaded and installed apples own Safari browser. This worked seamlessly of course (thanks Apple). Once that was through I found I could not charge for my App. So once again I had to go through more information to eventually have to setup my bank account details. Makes sense though I guess. Once this was done I got to upload all the assets as usual, the only issue being the fact that the screenshot upload is nervous and sometimes just stops working. So I just kept refreshing the screen.

The Amazong setup went as smooth as usual and this time I did not have any extra paperwork to submit, as I already have a full setup with them and my bank details. I was worried at the point where I was uploading my apk file. As the screen said any apk file bigger than 30MB needed to be sent via another methid and not web page upload. I checked and realised my apk file is in fact 29MB, and that wasn't designed that way. So I felt pretty lucky.

The google play setup was good, only at some point after I was about done I needed to upload a new apk file. I wasn't sure what to do so I decided to delete the old apk file from their system. This had the annoying side effect of removing the App completely.... So I had to start over, gah! Still with all the information in a text file and folder for the artwork, the re-submission went very smoothly. then Setup my Bank details once more as I wasn't able to charge for an App, and hey Presto the title went live.

After all that it was Sunday night about 12:30am or so. I was waiting fro the Google play link to become active so I could put it into my web pages. but got too tired of waiting an hour later.

Still the game is NOW live on the Google play store HERE.
Amazon should take about 7-10 days, then it will be live for Kindle (YAY!)
Apples App store will hopefully have it live in approximately 3 weeks or so.

So that leaves me 3 weeks to get all my stuff togetehr for marketing and promotion etc.

Da Voodoochief

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