Monday, June 4, 2012

Ready for E3 2012?

I can honestly answer this as a big fat NO.

In fact it is now 11pm on Monday night and I will be leaving my house in approximately 8 hours to travel into Los Angeles to the convention center for the fun and frolics that is E3.

I love E3. I have been going for many years now, and I find the excitement each year to go again. Though what I am looking forward tends to change each year. This year I have several desires.
1. Try to make contact with a publisher for my New Edutainment products (Five Golden Coins)
2. Meet up with friends (love this one every year)
3. Check out what everyone else is doing and see what is upcoming I can be excited about.

So here is more info on number 1...
What should I take with me? Simply take the iPod and I'll be able to show my finished product? Hmm, but it is so much more than a shiny app. It is what the title can do in the right hands, am I really gonna convince anyone of it's value by whipping out an iPod? Wouldn't it be better if I take my printed book and the coins to go with it? People seem much more excited and receptive when I have done this to promote this new title. But being encumbered at E3 is a bit of a pain. Maybe I need a man purse or something. Still I will take the business cards.. how many ? 2-3? Or maybe 20, cos yeah right.. I'll never get rid of 20. Though if I take less, I'll be guaranteed to run out, doh!
Still E3 is mostly setup before the event if ya didn't know that. Cold calling on any booth usually ends up being a card in your hand and a promise that they will follow up with you. Though most likely I will  be given a card and asked to call them after the E3 hangover.. So about a week or more after Friday.
But.. This is always worth a try and THIS year I have something slightly more unique than 'just another video game'. - Wish me luck :)

Number 2...
I am fortunate to know so many people in this industry, and I like em all it seems. When E3 comes around I always manage to find several old workmates or buddies that have travelled from some far flung place like Colorado and meet up to have a good chin wag and drink a beer or two (Yard house anyone ?). One of the things I look forward to each and every year.

Number 3...
I am not a huge FPS fan. It isn't that I don't like or appreciate the genre.. only my stomach now gives me fits when I try to play them. so unlike most of the population of E3 drooling over the next Call of Duty or clone, I run around looking for more arcade game style experiences. I also of course look around any Indie scene games that I see. Mostly they tend to be ones that are fairly successful already, but not always. Still a very exciting time as I love to not only create games, but also play them.

So my preparation for E3 starts now, after I have finished this Blog post, i will take a multi-vitamin (i hate the smog, and I simply hope this helps). Then get my cards ready and set my alarm.

Then I'll play a bit of Diabl3 cos there is no way I will sleep for a while as I am so excited!

Later I will see peeps at E3,

G'night all, have a great week.
Da Voodoochief

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