Monday, February 22, 2010

Show and Tell

Or Dog and Pony shows.

These are times of great excitement (i also hear trepidation from some developers). For me personally i love to show off all the hard work my team has put into the project they are working on. It is a proud moment when the employers see all our hard work and see how much we are over delivering.

THQ are round today looking over our current PS3 Home project for them. We have only been on it for 3 weeks so far, but with the wonderful effort put in by my team, it looks great already.

I am sure they will be bowled over by what we have. I still hope soon to have permission to post more about this project and put up some screenshots into this blog. Also our own Mass Media private Scene we have been working on for some time. That one will knock the socks off what is already out inside PS3 Home.

Wish my luck on the permissions.

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