Sunday, February 28, 2010

No video for your XBLIG game?

/Rant On (Rant about XBLIG games in Peer review with No video!)
Well if you cannot be bothered to do a video for your game, then why should I be bothered to review it ?

I do not understand why there are so many games in peer review that do not have Videos, and some do not have all 4 screen shots. That seems ridiculous to me.
Is it because you are afraid your game does not hold up?
Is it because you cannot be bothered ?
Is it because you don't know how ?

So lets take those ideas in order shall we ?
If it is because your game does not hold up, Guess what. Don't freakin publish it! There is enough crap on the service right now.
If it is because you cannot be bothered, then i cannot be bothered to review your game. And if this is a show of your efforts for promoting your game. You are just taking up space on the service as your game probably had the same amount of attention spent on it!
If you don't know how to produce a video, I can help ya out there. I am sure Many many other people can as well. If you need help, do a post and i would be glad to answer it.

/Rant off!

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