Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Glorious Firepower

There is something very satisfying with having lots of bullets. That balance though of obscuring the screen and fulfilling firepower is a tough one to manage. What you see above is my attempt to get this balance right.

The image is flawed of course because i have infinite bullets and they are coming out at infinite speed (ok, as fast as possible). This isn't acheivable by button bashing, but is with rapidfires etc.
You also see some of my debugging numbers to tell me how much i am straining the system.. yeah straining an Xbox360, lol.

So the point of this picture is really to show you that although i am going to allow a lot of bullets to leave your ship. You will still be vulnarable from the top and bottom areas. This is key in a side scrolling shooter, as that is the way you have to travel to get in front of the enemies so you can blast the living heck out of them. Simply put.. all the firepower in the world will do you no good unless it is hitting the enemy.

You can also see the stars flying by in the background, so pretty.

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