Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More C64 grey graphics

It is really more like, trying to do basic looking C64 graphics. They look close, but don't quite match. I think it is because i am using too many color gradients. Bah!

Anyway, above you can see my new alien. It is going to move in an odd pattern across the screen, but more importantly it will be firing 4 bullets at a time, and they will be fired and the for cardinal directions, north, south, east and west. As you can see, this alien makes sense for that.

It is also a 4 frame animation, as i could not be bothered to mark it is a pong animation haha! so this simple alien looks quite good with it's sparky highlights moving up and down the diagonal poles. I am happy with it.

So i talked with my boss today.And i hope that soon i can actally start talking about and revealing some of the amazing and exciting stuff i have been working on at work. All of it is for the PS3 Home enviropnment at the moment. we are pushing the boundaries of it though. It was also mentioned that Sony will be talking about our example at GDC, so that should be great.

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