Saturday, February 6, 2010

New updated 5th moon lettering

Here is the new lettering i created today for the logo. The most interesting aspects are that i had to create them chunky, as that was the way such things were back in the day on the C64. An oddity of the C64 was that it had double wide pixels. This made it chunky whether you wanted it to be or not. But it only had double wide, not double height. I emulated this when i drw this artwork. I think it came out aok for a rela first pass. I can always back later to tidy it up a bit.

I also changed the 'Arcade mode' option to 'Single Player'. I did this after soem research was done by someone else from the XNA group. I will try to find some links and also put up some of my observations on his research soon. It was very good, thanks ClingermanGW.

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