Sunday, February 28, 2010

PS3Home - The Midway

This is a basic screen grab of the Logo from Mass Medias upcoming PS3Home space. As you can tell we are still working on the space, tnhough it is due to be finished in the next couple of months.

Here is some basic info..
It is themed after a carnival midway. We use all the latest technologies to make this place loud and vibrant and entertaining. We have a number of mini-games for people to play, and as a spectator, there is no place better in PS3Home to watch people doing stuff. No more wandering around Zombies that appear to be doing nothing, when in fact they are playing the games. In this space, you actually see them throw the ball, or shoot the hoop etc. I will have more pictures as the days go by, and i will update with important facts or figures, or general gossip about this space.

I am the lead programmer on this title, and i am very excited with it. It also gives me a lot of diversity with my own programming on the Xbox360.


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