Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First weeks results for ADLCG

well here is the sales stats. Apparently we downloaded nearly 3Ks worth. Not quite the numbers that would have gotten me excited. Now 5K would have made me dizzy with excitement. But 3k.. hmm. Maybe it will have the preverbial long tail for downloads. I hope so. Aceball does and my otehr game Pellmell does not. So it will be inetersting to see where this falls.

Period Statistics•Trials: 2893
•Purchases: 43
•Purchase/Trial Ratio: 1.49 %

The low sell thru is completely expected, but i really wish i could have sold this for 1 dollar. I truly believ it would have had a conversion rate in the 20% range for that, wheras it is so low in this way. But hopefully i have introduced a whole load of people to this wonderful comic series, and now they can follow on Scotts Dreamland site.

so lets think of the possibilities of it selling 20% at $1 each.. Just for yucks as it were.
578 is 20% of 2893.. So that is 578 dollars earned, and i get 70% which is 404 dollars to me! Which would have paid for the music and the press release, and given me some sandwich money.. Woohoo!
But.. the reality is that
43 copies (ok, i bought 1)...
42 copies is 126 dollars earned, and i get 70% which is 88 dollars to me! Dang not enough to pay anything off.

I sure hope MS lets me drop the price soon, though it is already too late for this product, i would bring out a sequel with more of the amazing story pages.

Till next i Blog, i am outta here (work to do)

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