Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New title page logo design

I may have mentioned a few times that i want my C64 lookalike shooter to, well, look like it os from a C64 era. Well one of those important features that make it feel right, is the title page. Namely the font used and of course the over enthusiastic use of sprites and movement and sometimes color on that title page.

So i fired up me trusty art package and made me some letters for my title. Ok, so they are not up to much, but they were quick, and writing the code is so much more inetersting that designing letters :S

So above i have a picture of the important part of my title page. It has the name as sprites and they bounce quite happily across the screen in a sine wave pattern. You can also see the work i put into the font, and i went for a completly retro look with the grey. I have to say it works quite well, but at the moment i think i am missing something, probably that lovely C64 music stylin.. Might have a hard time doing something like that to be honest. I'll do my best.

So the logo went from a static picture of 5th Moon, to this bouncing sprite based one. I sure hope it makes people take notice when they first see it's energy and movement. Maybe i'll sell more ? One never knows....

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