Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colorblind issue number 2

So i have been working on my Ships and how just coloring them has not worked out to well for those colorblind players. In a previous post i mentioned this and thankfully got a lovely response. So i am dealing with this. I won't mention any more about the ship colors in this post, as that is another post with pictures.

So what are we chatting about here ?

Score... Yup score.
How can that be an issue i hear you mumble. Well here i am working on the player ships when i realise the only connect each ship has to it's score in a 4 player game is the color of the score font. Ouch, this isn't likely to work too well. So what am i going to do about it ?

Well i spent some time talking with Paul from Tallwaiters and came up with a few solutions.
1. When the ships spawn they appear directly under their score.
2. When ships spawn the scores movre from those ships and goto their normal screen placement.
3. A line draw is used to connect you ship to the score.
4. Place a small version of your ship next to your score
5. Add your Gamertag above your score.

From that list i loved the idea of number 5, and easy to do. Idea 2 could be inetersting because i can time the appearance with sparkle effects and  movement speeds etc, to make it more sequenced and look good.

If anyone has an opinion, please let me know.

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