Saturday, February 27, 2010

Permission and PS3Home

Now i have permission to post about my Day job, Or half of it anyways. I will be filling this blog up with more stuff. Cos i only do so much each day on my own company's development. That is of course why i only have 3 games out so far. Though the new one is going quite well, it is taking more time than it should to complete. Mainly as i was using the development of this game to form a partnership with a friend of mine.

So far i have not been lucky with finding cohorts to work with. They have day jobs and families and lots of excuses. Heck i have excuses too, but i still manage some time each day, though not as much as i would like. On the other hand i view my friendships as much more important than my hobby company that makes no money. So i have really been lucky because after these games co-developments have failed, i have managed to still be great friends with them.. Phew.. I certainly hope that trend continues.

Also maybe one day my trend will alter and i will find more people to work with that i can trust. So fara certain artist in england is the only one to be fully reliable, and he has a day job and countless extra projects too.

So i wil still be posting about my own personal dev for Sorcerygames (hence the blog title). But i will also be posting about 'The Midway' for PS3Home. That should be diverse enough for anyone really. Xbox360 <--->PS3. Should be entertaining i hope at the very least.


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