Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Glorious Firepower Pt 2

I thought i would go right back to what i last posted about. So since yesterday i have made several changes, as you might be able to tell from this picture. The main points are...

1. I have moved the debug text out of the main play area and to the bottom left corner. I also shrunk the font to some debug size 9 point font.
2. The score has now been placed in it's wide screen position. In fact all multiplayer scores are now sorted out.
3. There are gaps in my bullet paths this time. This is in fact the biggest change and the reason for this post. I have added in the firing delays i need for the firepowers. The forward and backward main fires are still full bore. But the angles ones have a delay timer, and the side pods have a bigger delay timer. This will make it so you cannot smply crush aliens along the way. It also makes it look more interesting if ya ask me.

Oh noes, i am being attacked by an enemy ship.

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