Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Which Enemies should be first ?

I just cannot decide. I have several designs covering all the 5 different enemies written down in note form. Some even have sketches. Now i am at the point where i should write them and i cannot decide which to do first...

Aliens will be cool as they shoot plasma bolts at you while teleporting around the level. should be cool gameplay.

Zombies are dumb as mud, but will show off my particles particularly well.

Robots are gonna shoot at you and generate drones while also explosing in a glorious mechanical fashion.

Pirates are will have the most devastating firepower in some repsects. Exploding cannonballs will be fun to do, along with the boomerang parrots.

Ninjas quick movements will be exciting to wtch and hard to shoot at. Should be fun in a really frenetic way. Glad they will be fragile (well compared to Zombies anyway)


I guess i will have to choose before i next sit in front of my computer.


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