Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another post about the unkown Xblig

So i didn't post yesterday, and for good reason. I was out in the desert with my son doing some Boy Scout camping trip. Now this trip had a fair number of boys aging from 10-16. A wonderful demographic of Xbox owners maybe?

Yes, they were mostly Xbox owners, and they also had Live accounts. Woohoo! i have hit a jackpot here. Let me find out what they know about Xblig as i pimp my wares. And whaddya know... They didn't know anything about Xblig. I also had to describe where the tab is now in the New dash, so that made it harder. The main point here is they didn't know about it. Not one of them. Made me a bit sad to be honest. how am i supposed to sell to people that don't even know the channel exists, never mind my game.

At this point i think the  whole marketing thing is overhyped. I have spent more time and money on marketting my game in a channel that noone knows exists. Done.



  1. 10-16? well, u do know xblig is now HIDDEN to them right? only adult accounts get to see it.

  2. Ahh yes, i do understand that. But i thought that was a new thing with the new Dash. These boys did not know about it from before, maybe they were excluded then too, i wonder.

    Thanks for ya comment,
    Da Voodoochief