Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving was great

Now i am sitting here at my home computer stuffed to the gills. It was a very pleasant day at my Friends house. I met a lot of people i know already and a bunch that were new. Everyone was wonderful to talk with and i am sure i did plenty of talking hehe.

The only downer on the day is the fact that my Daughter is not feeling well, so couldn't go, along with my Wife. I sure hope she feels better soon as we have planned a camping trip out to the desert at El Mirage so we can freee our behooties off, lol. Ok, so it is so we can camp and do some off roading.

Time will tell if we get out there tomorrow.

As for Berzerkatron, i have started work on the infamous Berzerkinator. So far he is spawning and looking meekly at my player avatar. Soon he will realize his true potential for killing and mayhem.

g'night and Happy Thanksgiving.

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