Friday, November 26, 2010

RenderTarget code is in

I expected this engine change to be an easy task, and i am so glad to announce that it really was easy. In fact i had no issues at all (ok, except for spelling errors). It was a little off as i did a quick search of the web and it popped up this nice web site that has incredibly helpful tuition code and samples for Xna types.


So i just linked above the page i used, and as i am already familiar with the concepts of Target texture rendering i really only stole the lines of code they put in the article. Of course this led me to actually reading it and quite enjoying the easy style it is written in.

So, anyone thinking of adding a rendertarget for mirrors, or mirrored gameplay visuals  or maybe pixelization for scaling. OR in my case i will be using to scale the screen in the options menu, so people with really bad overscan on their TVs can adjust it to suit them. As my game won't care to much about it's aspect ratio, i will just let the screen be scaled. This will of course make it so any fonts at minimum size will then be a little too small, something i wil have to take care of when i get there.

Good luck.


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