Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Xbox has Died

It is a sad day today. I feel really bad, little things going awry and the last straw was my Elite going 3 Red rings on me.  Maybe i have been so busy carting it around from my bedroom workplace to the living room of late. Maybe i am asking too much for you to power my Kinect as well, i just don't know.

I do know that it will cost me a whopping 99 bucks to get it looked at by MS. Boo!

But the thing is, it can be amazing how unlucky a single decision can make stuff. Let me explain....

Today i went out to Walmart and Gamestop. I wanted to by Lips for my Xbox so we can have some loud Karaoke to go along with the raucous Kinect fun. Walmart did not have it so, off we go to Gamestop. Yes, they have it, woohoo! Now while i was out i had also sort of decided that i really should be a more dedicated Xbox for the living room area. So i wouldn't have to keep moving my Xbox around etc. I decided not to buy it at gamestop cos i wanted to check prices online, were there any good deals etc..

Well as it happend as soon as i got home i grabbed my Xbox, which had been left on in the bedroom running A Shooter as a server for my high score sharing. So i turned it off and unplugged it, as i walked out of the bedroom with it there was a clank as the power cord hit the side of the Xbox. Ouch i thought, but it'll be ok. It seems i was wrong and that clang was a fatal touch of Red Ringiness.

So i have since got a little annoyed cos i could have bought the Xbox Slim while i was out. Then i would not have even unplugged mine from the bedroom, and as you can tell. Everything would have worked out great, haha!

So now i really need the new Xbox to play Lips and Kinect on.

I have found this whole scenario very depressing, and i feel like an old friend has decided to unfriend me from facebook or something. My life is now not as complete as it was.


At least i can buy a new friend tomorrow, and the new one is gonna be slimmer ;)



  1. That stinks. I had the same issue a few months ago w/ my Xbox too. The slim is nicer though, so quiet you hardly even notice its on.

    I'm not sure a power cord hitting the Xbox could cause the red rings, that's usually multiple failure issues. I suppose it could have sped things along, but its days were probably numbered already.

  2. Hi Kris,

    You are probably right. I did think to post this not as a cautionary tale, but more of a heartfelt epitaph. It has only been gone a few hours, but i really miss it.

    Did yours go in the middle of Hypership dev though, cos that would be the worst time. At least for me i am still in gameplay testing stage.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. Yeah, it died about 2-3 weeks before release, at the time when all I had left to do was test/fix online scores (which I need an Xbox to test on). My Xbox was under warranty so it did get fixed but I didn't want to delay Hypership's release by a month waiting to get the Xbox back so I ended up buying a slim model the next day.

  4. Wow Kris that sucks, on the bright side i guess you then had two Xboxes to test the score sharing with. However two CC accounts and live accounts make the cost for that a lot higher (it is what i did for my score sharing)

    I am sorta excited to get a slim though :)

    Da Voodoocheif

  5. I have two Xboxs now but yeah, I don't have two CC accounts or two Xbox Live Gold accounts either. But should I do another game that requires a lot of online testing, I'll definitely pick those up.

    You got a Slim now I take it? I like mine, it's quiet. And I don't have to hook up a power supply for Kinect.