Friday, November 5, 2010

Stopping when having fun Programming

How do ya do it eh?

Here i am so busy working on Bleed effects of all things as i shoot some enemy ship. They splat on teh ground under him. Yeah i drew the splat (32x32 texture). It looks so good. so then i spend way too much time twiddling with it. Even though it will get replaced by a better sprite definition at some point by a real artist.

I have to say it has taken me way too long tonight to stop coding this effect. It has been fun having ti splat away like it is peeing as it goes. But..

It is time to stop tonight.I have to be up early tomorrow for a Boy Scout Trip to El Mirage and me and my Boy are going to set of rockets, woohoo! (oh and off road ride of course, but away from the BSA group!)

so i sincerely hope anyone reading this that happens to write games gets as excited about new graphics and effects as i do. It is wonderful.


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