Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Page turner

Ok so the new class is in. It isn't quite up to what i want.

So far it...

Displays the correct page, alows inc and dec of page number.
Allows Scaling of the page.
Keeps it's aspect ratio.
First shows a page as big as it can, retaining it's aspect ratio.
Allows scrolling around the page.

What it doesn't do...
Doesn't feel great, way too linear movement etc i think.
Doesn't stop the scrolling near the edges of a page, when scaled. (this is going to be the tricky one i think)

So what to do next...
I am going to change the buttons that control the page viewer around and put on some button help. I am sure you are all thinking 'LOL', why am i not tackling the issues i just listed. Well i have tried, but so far have come up blank as to what to do. Actually not blank, more like i have too many ideas, but do not want to spend the time to write them all. So while i write something i Need. I can work all the best possible options out in my head.

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