Friday, October 16, 2009

DXT Textures for XNA

Here is my follow up.

It is not all great for me, but then again, it is not all bad either.After following the advice i recieved from Nick and Zman I changed some of my textures to DXT, and waited to see what the complaint about size would be. sure enough it complained that i needed to have the texture multiples of 4 (ok, just one of them, the otehrs were ok). So off i went and altered the canvas appropriatly. This seemed to go through the pipeline fine until i tried to view the results on the PC (currently my Xbox is being replaced). The effect on the title page was terrible. The texture was somehow diminished and stretched off screen. So on with texting various ideas to see whatwent wrong...

Well it was easy enough to actually find out, as one of my first theories worked out, and that is that Textures for DXT needed to be powers of two, and in both X and Y sizes. This is a real downer for me, as it would mean lots of blank texture around my images as my textures are rectangular. This does however bring the size down to about 2.5 times the size of a jpg. So although it still blows my budget for memory it would still be workable with some more effort on my part.

So the facts in a more succinct way...

DXT compression works
DXT textures Must be powers of two in both height and width for the PC
DXT textures are 2.5 times the size of the jpg with a quality setting of 80
No idea currently if the Xbox will accept the DXT texture as just mutliples of 4 and now powers of 2.

This sucks so far. As i have a choice of reducing the size of all my pages, or reducing the number of pages. Both suck a lot!

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