Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Nights are just tough

I find it hard to work on stuff at times. Usually when i have had a hard day at work, or have had a great distracting day with my family. So when it comes time for me to spend a little time programming my own thing, it can be tough to do. Especially when i haven't really got a full idea of what i want to get done at the time.

If i put a little forethought into what i will be working on, i can get that done so fast. So last night i am sitting there, knowing i need to put in the Xmarketing screen and also the Upsell screen, but then i struggle. I play around a fair bit with the xmarketing jpeg, and i guess it's ok. But i am just not going very fast or productively with this stuff. Maybe i should have called it quits when i knew i was struggling, but i am too stubborn for that.

So in the end i have the Xmarketing screen in, and the start of the upsell screen. I really just need the correct text fro that screen and it will be done. Then i finish hooking it up to the Trial version flag etc. Hopefully tonight will be better. But first i will have some Wow arena to try with my druid, should be fun :)

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