Monday, October 5, 2009

Sometimes ya have to take a step back

And look at what you are doing from another angle. Or at least me a bit more objective.

Such was the case with my nice opening sequence. It just wouldn't look how i had envisioned it, and altering numbers and timings didn't seem to help. So i stopped working on it for a bit and let it simmer. The a short while later i came back and just watched it. Finally i analysed what i had seen.

It was fairly obvious, my timings were completely off and rushed. so i decided to space all my timings out for what comes on when, and how fast it scales up and alphas in and out. This helped immensley. so my original problem was i was trying too hard to give an end time of only 12 seconds. This was unreasonable and now it takes about twice that. But i wasn't concerned with the end time, which was the real revelation.. let it goooo i said to myself.

so i started with the sorvery logo, and got that to just feel right, including it's sfx playing. This then allowed me to move onto the second part, 'proudly presents'. Once i had this timed everything went so smoothly and it looks pretty good. Ok, so i can still tweak a few pixel positions, but that is all good.

Now my issue is with the SFX and sound for it in general. I have a nice background dreamy soun supplied by my daughter and synth'd with echo. I like it, but i cannot get it into a format that Xact will load. Boy am i frustrated. It seemd i have now spent more time on sound editing and messing about with xact than i did to write and time the whole intro piece. I hate curveballs.

So what to do ? ... simple! Go find a friend who can sort it out with his better expertise 8]

Yo Paul, how ya doing for lunch tomorrow ? ;) gotta love friends!!

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