Friday, October 2, 2009

Buttonhelp is done and Defines

I thought i would maybe make the buttonhelp disappear as you used it's features. That sounded cool. You know, like if you used the left joystick to scroll the picture around, i could then fade out that particular buttonhelp. Although this sounded great to me, it did not look very good in the actual application. It looked dumb tbh, like things were randomly disappearing. Ahh well, so much for fancy ideas.

So now i have a nice generic looking buttonhelp, but it is very very invasive. Also it is not currently screen safe i am sure. So once i move it to the Xbox ill check it all out properly.

so that brings me to Defines! or Constants.
These are so useful. They allow you to place all your adjusting values, be they for gameplay or placement controls etc all in one part of your code. This makes iterative alterations much faster then having multiple code pages open in different places so you can alter a set of values in a minor way.

So i highly recommend Defines.

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