Thursday, October 1, 2009

Button Help

What is all the fuss with ButtonHelp nowadays ?

I have dealt with it for soo long, but somehow i still feel it is such a waste of my development time. I know it can be nice to have. Although it only really serves a purpose for beginners to learn the game. After that it is just a mess of distraction taking up screen real estate.

It also take time to make it postioned just so. So the button and text for it line up nicely. I wish i didn't have to do it personally. My methd for not crowding my lovely Pages in Dreamland Chronicles is to make it Toggle on and off with the press of the Y button.

I like Help screens, like when you pause you can see what button does what. But Geez, c'mon. The game should not be complex enough or changing along the way it's control scheme.

Well back to aligning buttonhelp for me, bah!

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