Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Fish in a small pond.. Or ?

Small fish in a big pond.

I have been around developing games for some time now. I have been a part of startups, and established compaines. I have generally been a smaller fish ina big pond as far as my games have been concerned, although soem of them have done immensely well, the companies i have worked for have always been a smaller fish. No Disney or EA here.

Here i am with Mass Media, another small fish that i have worked in for a long time now (14 years). Yes we were bought out at one stage by THQ and also let go a year ago when they were doing their cost cutting and laying everyone off.

Now we have re-established Mass Media and are doing well. As a premiere PS3 technology developer it seems our expertise are in demand, which is great. Btu.. ermm where was i going. Oh yeah. We are a small fish and are doing well with it. But we have an opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond. This new pond is called Playstation Home. We have some items out and a cool space called the Neptune suite. But what next ? We are currently developing a whole new area (i cannot disclose at this time , bah!), but is our internal investment going to be worth it ? Only time will tell, but also. The development area is so restrictive that a lot of our expertise is wasted... Do we carry on with this, well for now we will. Maybe even make enough to cover costs, I sure hope so of course.

But which would you choose?

The more interesting, or the more financially rewarding ?

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