Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is C# again ?

Dancing around so many languages can get quite amusing at times. Others it can be downright frustrating. With C# it is so similar to C++ that it aggravates me they decided to change arbitrarily i think some of the syntax conventions. Luckily i have code i have already written to fall back on for syntax correcting.

Well i finally started tonight. I made my page drawer. It is not pretty yet, but the class is there and the surrounding architecture should be solid, as i ripped it from Pellmell. I love re-using previous code.

So now it displays different pages, at the flick a joystick. But it is bad. I need to come up with a bit of code to generate me a scaling value for the X and Y, as the pages are not all the same size. Once i have these scalars i can use the biggest scalar to display the page with. Then the page will hold it's shape correctly (aspect ratio).

more tomorrow, man i forget how much i love to code.

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