Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving in on the Details

Ahh soem days it is hard to work on stuff, i am sure you have heard that before in this Blog. Today was no exception to that, but.. i had a plan this time. I had already set in motion what i would need for a day like today. (sunday :o)

I had made a list, and although i had not checked it twice, i knew what parts were going to be naughty, and which nice. With this handy dandy list in place i perused for what would be the easiest job to do first, to get me into the programming mood. Wow was pulling me in, especially with my sons help :o

The list i made was great, it really did allow me to get into the jobs in an easy way. Heck, i even went on to do more than half my list. Which was more than i expected to do today. So that was a bonus. A list also tends to mean that you are not dithering between tasks looking half heartedly for stuff to do. Instead you seamlessly move onto the next job, usually before you finish the last.

so today i got the initial 'Press Start; line on the screen, with a copyrights screen behind. This launches before my real movie credits intro. I quite like the way it turned out. I also sorted out the Buttonhelp, so only the help 'Y' is showing and that toggles on a nice listing of all the other button controls. Then i went overboard for the day and programmed in the extra buttons as well. Like volume control and 10 page super flips.

Now i need to make more items for my list i guess :D

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  1. Yep lists are great! I always work from small todo lists, garnered from my larger project / milestone task lists. Yay for lists!